• Chemise polaire LANZANS 


    Taille : M


    Mesures : 


    - Épaules : 47 cm

    - Manches : 60 cm

    - Poitrine : 51 cm 

    - Dos : 78 cm


    29,00 €Prix

      What is ECU remapping or tuning?

      ECU remapping, also known as tuning or chipping, is a process of altering your car engine's computer or ECU. We read the factory maps installed in your vehicle and modify it using highly specialised software. ECU remapping can modify fuel pressure and injection timing and cycles, ignition timing, absolute boost and boost delivery as well as throttle input maps and torque limiting maps. We make modifications to the maps based on your requirements and write it back to your ECU.

      Is tuning safe?

      Tuning is about finding the perfect balance of performance and engine longevity. We work within manufacturer specifications and calculated safe tuning levels specifically for each individual car. We also health check every vehicle before a tune. If any issues are picked up they must be rectified before your car is tuned. We aren't in the business of blowing up cars!

      What levels of tuning can I do?

      There are 3 levels of tunes you can pick from: 1. Stage 1 – 10-20% increase (working within factory limits) 2. Stage 2 – 20-30% increase (still working with factory limits) 3. Stage 3 – 30% + (modifying factory limits)

      Why don't the manufacturers do it?

      When manufacturers complete the engine calibration they ensure that the vehiclecovers a variety of operating climates and emission standards governed by different countries around the world. Manufactuers often 'de-tune' base model vehicles which means that there is plenty of untapped performance, that can be accessed well within the engineering tolerances built into the powertrain. The de-rating of the power output also serves to assist in the longevity of that engine.

      Are you insured?

      Yes, Hunter High Performance is fully licensed and insured.

      How long does ECU remapping take?

      Generally it takes less than 2 hours from start to finish. Times may vary according to requirements and different vehicles.

      Can you come to me?

      Yes, we are 100% mobile - so we can come to your home, work, the park or even Maccas. Whatever suits you!

      What will tuning do for my vehicle?

      Depending on the outcome you want, we can remap for more power and torque, increased fuel economy, less turbo lag, better throttle response and overall improved driveability.

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