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What is 'Royalty-Free Music'?

'Royalty-free' means that you don`t have to pay any royalties once you have purchased a license. A one-time payment is enough, so you can use the track in your project forever without any additional payments. That's why this type of license is so popular these days. Please notice that 'royalty-free music' is not the same as 'free music'!

How can I purchase a license to use your music in my video?

It's super easy, quick and very affordable! Just visit the shop (Audiojungle) and browse my portfolio until you find the track you want. Then, just click on "BUY NOW" or "ADD TO CART" buttons. If you are watching one of my YouTube/Vimeo videos or listening on Soundcloud, the direct link to that track will be in the description.

Can I use your music for free and just give you credit?

No, the license is required if you want to use my music in your project legally. However, no one can stop you from using the free preview (with the 'Audiojungle' watermark) or to download the music from my own videos. If this is the case, you must credit 'WavebeatsMusic', include a link to buy the music track (copy the link from the video description) and send me a link to your project or video. You also must know that you will receive a copyright notice (not a strike!) and monetization will stop for that video. More info about this on the 'Support' section.

Can I use the same track in multiple videos?

The quick answer is no. So, in most cases one license covers the use of the music in one video (single end-product). However, in certain cases multiple use might be allowed. It depends on a few factors such as the nature and specific content of each video, how long apart they will be released, among others...For more info please visit the Envato's license guideline and go to "what is a single application?” This link will take you directly there: Envato License Guideline. I understand that guidelines are not perfect and there is always room for slightly different interpretations of what constitutes a 'single end-product'. Please contact me if you are not sure.

How many license types are there and which one should I buy?

There are 5 license types you can purchase from the store (Audiojungle). From the least to the most expense they are: Standard, Broadcast (1 million), Mass Reproduction, Broadcast (10 million) and Broadcast & Film. In order to choose the right one for your project, please read this: